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 Leather69.com - is delivering Custom made leather products within a wide sellections of colours.

we have Leather jackets, leather pants, leather dresses, leather skirts, leather tops, leather blazers, leather jump suits, leather corsets, leather shorts, leather kilts, leather coats, leather chaps etc etc 

We have a wide sellections of models, and our products are made in 100 % soft genunine leather skins from lamb. Leather69 has a high skilled production team that has many years experiance in the field.

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Additional Info.

We are trying to be in time and with the latest fashion trends there is moving in the global arena, and we are offering designers to get their ideas produced through our operation if that is of interest, We want to offer high fashion clothes for a decent prizing, and our dresses is made for the homecoming parties as well as galla dinner or red carpet aperance. Go to our webpage and have a look yourself. you wont regret it, and you might find your new you on page ! Leather69.com