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French Fries Frying Machine
Feb 25 2014 02:09

Brief Introduction of French Fries Frying Machine
The French Fries Frying Machine adopts oil and water mixing technology which is best suitable for frying various style French fries especially and potato chips. The main consistence of this fryer are oil tank, electric cabinet, fan, water drainage valve, oil drainage valve, natural wind cooling mouth and some other components, these parts work independently and finish the frying process together very efficiently.

1. Advance oil and water mixing technology taking features of different density of oil and water, the oil is in upper for frying food and water is at the bottom for absorbing the residues which are from the frying food.
2. 50% Oil saving. The oil can be made most use, because the oil residues can be drained with water though the water drainage valve. 
3. The automatic discharging device is quipped with the machine, which can make you automatically operation and save the labor cost.
4. Easy to operate. The automatically bimetallic temperature controllers include oil temperature controller and water temperature controller, which give you a easy operation choice.
5. 40% energy saving. The advanced and efficient heating system avoids energy loss and save your energy expenditure cost. 
6. The stainless steel manufacture guarantees a longer service life and high sanitary condition.

Working principle of oil& water frying machine
The temperature of oil and water can be set and controlled in a certain range by the natural wind cooling system and the automatic cold water cycling system so that the water will not boil and spill in the oil. The waste and residue produced during frying will deposit in the water and discharge out of the machine once the operation finishes so that the frying oil keeps clean and fresh without turning dark at all.