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At Mytransportads.com you will find a huge database about transport services. By transport I mean any way of taking anything from one place to another, not just a taxi or a van to hire when you are on holiday. Which of course you can also do in Mytransportads.com. But if you need to take your pet with you abroad, you can rely on this site to help you to find that specialized service.
The site covers every transport category worldwide. If you are arriving next week to some city in China or South America or Europe, you will be able to find here many options for you to decide how to get to your hotel. A transfer, a car for rent, or whatever you wish to use. Just fill the search boxes provided and enter the search terms that you need.

The site shows a simple design with few visual embellishments, but it is clear enough for its real end. The top horizontal menu shows the main services offered by the site. They include the “Home” link, the “Advanced Search“, a “Forum” and last but not least, the “Place Free Ads” button.
The “Advanced Search” will ask you to enter a term for your query, choose the country where you will be looking up a transport service, and then the category of that service. Some of the available categories are “Transfers“, “Item/Pets Transport“, “Rent Hire / Charters“, and “Business to Business”. You will find much more options when visiting the site.

In “Place Free Ads” you get the chance to offer your service or even some vehicle you might have for sale.

One of the most interesting features from Mytransportads.com’s menu is the forum section, where you will be able to see comments left by users who used some service and want to share their experience. There you will find as well the different categories for reading about each one. “Taxi / Trucks”, “Courier Services” and “Airport / Ferry Transfers” are some of them.

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