About our Business

Thank you for giving me a moment of your time to give you some  more information about this way to work from home.

We are not talking about packing in boxes or folding napkins or brochures but a new way of working from home which is not so popular yet in Europe, but this will change in the very close future. 

We are talking about a unique marketing concept, a fast growing business and the chance to start your own business from home.

All of this with the help of a structured organization with more then 3500 connected shops and companies world wide, which can give all by one a very good discount to our customers.

This club, named the DHS, was officially established in Englewood, Florida in June 1997 by Dick Burke, director and founder.

This new way of working from home means that you can have a very nice monthly returning income with all the benefits of working from your desk at home. 
You are acting on a consumer market worldwide, and get as a business partner (VIP)  an online education and training where you give other people the possibility to shop where and whenever they want with a discount. The good part of this is that you as a business partner make money on every purchase a member makes from your network!

As you know you can be a member for free, and now the home shopping from internet is still growing, the world wide marked is open, and so your timing to be a part of it now is PERFECT!
No get rich very fast promises, no illegal business but a real chance to have the possibility to get a monthly returning salary to be build up in approximately 2 years!

The basic elements, which can make this business to a big success, are:

  • You need a computer with an internet connection
  • Time to make something from it when it suits you
  • Some healthy thinking
  • Have to be a team player
  • Have to be open to learn something and to follow the training
  • Have the drive to accomplish your goals

This is TEAM marketing without bullocks stories or lousy promises. You do not need a high start capital and you do not need to buy expensive products for reselling.  This is team marketing like it is supposed to be, being your own boss, self-employed and not being dependent on a product, company or catalogue. 

The DHS Club grows very fast. We are reacting on the  consumer market with a well over thought business plan that will make this way of working from home to be the future. Build up your own salary for the future by starting NOW!   

To let you know more about this very special program, we have a free introduction plan ready for you. And we want to show you how good it works, without spending any Euro.

Get your free membership and inspire yourself with this very effective system!

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