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Frank, a former member of the US Army, resides in Atlanta, GA. He is the proud father of two daughters (both in college).

In 1996, Frank became interested in the home-based business arena and the idea of working from home. He admits he did not know much of anything about the industry. He took on the challenge and failed miserably for a number of years. Failure upon failure, does that sound familiar?

Guess what? He did not give up, because LEARNING was taking place without him knowing it at the time. Fast forward a few years. He joins a company where he earns his first check. Instead of cashing it, he should of framed it. Nonetheless, the check was cashed. Wow, what an experience...he received payment for his hard work and efforts. This continued for a few months and he quickly realized he did not want to sell that particular product.

Fast forward to today and you find Frank has the knowledge, experience to help others build businesses and brand themselves online. Do you require a web designer? Or are you looking for a sponsor that has made your success his top priority? Frank can help! Learn more about Frank at his blog, by CLICKING HERE!

See you at the top...

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Frank It's good to see you out there promoting and working on your success. That Army discipline shows in your dedication. Here's wishing you all success one Vet to another.
 - pplcheryl63 March 26th, 2011

Hi Frank, just checking out that Animoto, very nice. Make sure you keep in touch.
 - srollins September 16th, 2010

Hi Frank you have a Wonderful Website site up and a great profile. Good Job. ~*Meekin*~
 - 1youcantoo April 1st, 2010

Great Business Centre. You have obviously spent a lot of time getting this set up. Well done!
 - milifestyle September 7th, 2007

Frank, Your ABC site has great content, layout and colors, one of the best sites I have seen so far. I used to be in the Army also and was stationed down in Ft. Benning Ga., south of Atlanta. I wish you continued success in your business and personal life! Matt
 - bigbiz August 9th, 2007