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Sep 1 2011 23:53

How many of us have prayed for that “Opport/unity of a Lifetime” to just drop into our lap? Well, I am thrilled to say it has for me.

See for yourself and then grab your chance to get positioned BEFORE we launch our incredible new products to the world!

Theres the Smart Library which contains training videos on about every popular application on the Web like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Microsoft Word, and much, much more!

Theres Super Content with thousands of Entertainment Videos; Music to suit most every taste; High Quality Free Utility Software like Office and Security Suites and handling different types of files and more; Shopping, with an International Bargain Finder for whatever you may look for; Video games; My University covering a variety of subjects from Kindergarten to University level and beyond including personal and business finance with both illustrations and practical exercises for Real learning experiences!

And you will find Interactive and even One-on-One Live Help should you ever have a problem with your computer without removing it from where you have it set up!

And best of all, the system is super-secure, protecting you from Internet viruses and such.

All combined, there are literally thousands of dollars in real value upon which you can build a Huge Income, getting started by Just Giving Away a Free Version of the SMD which can carry your own business-building or other message to as many people as you like!
Best of all you get a 100% "FREE" Lifetime Membership in Smart Media Desktop!! No TRIAL... NO GIMMICKS
Enhance YOUR Business with this STATE of the ART Platform!! A "MUST-SEE"

Just Download & Enjoy Today!

No matter what else you are doing, Smart Media can help you promote it! Learn More at: http://catch.gosmartmedia.com


Fergal Sheehy
Dundalk, Ireland
An over achiever who is willing to continue to grow and learn from other professionals. View Profile
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Additional Info.

the SMD is an educational software platform for All Internet Users! Theres nothing else like it anywhere. Theres Something for Every person; family; business; charity; church; school whether public, private or affiliated with a church! The market for it is worldwide; and it can be reached with the click of a button! But the SMD is also a Work Platform; and that isnt stressed in the video. Let me illustrate. Just like your security suite which turns on immediately when you turn your computer on to protect your computer from Internet malware the SMD also turns on immediately. I like that because like me, most computer users today are first going either directly to the Internet to check their mail or to their Facebook account or to an office suite and all can be accessed through the Smart Media Web Browser which is the first thing you see on the left top of the SMD screen. In fact, everything you do on the Internet is done through a Web Browser; even business bookkeeping is done online today; and banking; so doesnt the Browser make sense? You definitely will appreciate the Browser because it is, in my opinion, faster than Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari and includes the best features of both Firefox and Chrome but works 5 to 10 times faster!