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Virtual Assistant - The Series
Dec 30 2013 05:33

Virtual Assistant - The Series

Virtual Assistant - The Series, this book contained useful and relevant information derived from the personal successful experience of the authors...

How to - Become Highly Successful... 
This will enable you to see how others are making their businesses successful and provide you with a blueprint on how to's... 

This is like having a team of professionals at your side offering suggestions as you proceed through the course.  Along with their personal experiences, the authors also include words of wisdom, tips, and tricks from numerous industry professionals!

It has been instrumental in the success of administrative and executive assistants, word processors, and other corporate professionals realizing their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur...

The leader in books on starting a virtual assistant business. As the longest standing book in the virtual assistant business industry... 

as a "must have" tool for all VAs, 
new and aspiring. Leaving no stone upturned this book sets the stage for starting, operating, and growing a successful and PROFITABLE 

virtual assistant business.  
Each chapter in the book contains a section called "In their own words" where leading virtual assistants make comments from their own experience... 

-the Virtual Assistant course both lecture and online in the San Diego area, have found that the layout of the chapters and the length of the book is ideal for a 16-18 week college semester. I just added my own lecture notes and provided some hands-on exercises based on the reading, and the students have been quite happy and successful, and many are now working as a virtual assistant 

after reading this book and completing the course. I will recommend this book without hesitation to any college or business school desiring to offer such a course, or to those of you who choose to purchase the book and learn the virtual assistant business on your own. --Tom Smerk, College Instructor

Another import reason for selecting this text for my classes is that there is an accompanying workbook available where the student answers questions and records their thoughts and notes about the content of each chapter.
My final decision for choosing this book for my classes was based on Internet research which produced some glowing accolades about both authors of the book. 

  When I designed a college course of Virtual Assistant training almost 4 years ago, I looked at many books that were available at the time in consideration for selecting a text for my new course.

 I chose "Virtual Assistant - The Series" by Kelly Poelker & Diana Ennen for several important reasons. 
First of all, the contents covered topics often overlooked by other books, 
such as deciding if you are right for this sort of self-employment, 
creating a disaster plan to avoid interrupted services,
 and juggling the demands of home life and career under the same roof. 

 the VA Industry at the end of each chapter and featured throughout the book. This approach is very useful in validating what was learned in each chapter. If you are wondering what a virtual assistant does 
or if you are interested in starting, 
owning, and operating your own VA business, 
this book is for you. 

With sections on getting started, 
planning, and operating a business, 
establishing a website, 
marketing, and service suggestions, 

this VA guide covers every subject that would be important to someone in the VA field. It even includes comments and opinions from many different assistants at the end of each section. 

From the Author
 With a combined history of working at home of over 40 years, these two women have contributed to the success of many word processors and virtual assistants 
Both are active in the virtual assistant community 

not only as business owners but as mentors, message board managers and chat hosts. Together they remain on top of the latest developments in the virtual assistant (VA) industry. 

Diana Ennen has been in the forefront of the work-at-home word processor and virtual assisting world since opening her practice, Virtual Word Publsihing, Inc., in 1985. Kelly Poelker, a recognized leader in the VA industry, has been operating a successful virtual assistant business, Another 8 Hours, Inc., since early 2000

I would highly recommend it to aspiring virtual assistants who have a desire to succeed. --Karen Schwietzer, Business Majors Guide,   

Virtual Assistant - The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA is a great reference...
Virtual Assistant - The Series is a complete reference guide and more for new and experienced virtual assistants. 

Diana Ennen and Kelly Poelker have successfully touched upon all aspects of being a virtual assistant --Mona Lisa Safai, TCM Reviews

they have been included in a number of books, articles, and interviews by Mompreneurs, Jan Melnik, Liz Folger, Woman s World, 

Home Office Computing, USA Today, Priscilla Y. Huff, Entrepreneur Magazine, HOMEBusiness Journal,, The Chicago Tribune,

Kelly Poelker and Diana Ennen are 
the authors of Virtual Assistant The Series (4th ed, Another 8 Hours Publishing),
please check out the latest 4th edition...                                 
 Guide to Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business