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Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses-Virtual-Office
Dec 30 2013 02:49

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


Virtual Office

The business world is experiencing a literal change in definition 
and configuration of “workspace.” From thousands of entrepreneurs operating small businesses, 
to major departments, enterprises are abandoning traditional brick and mortar structures 
to set up shop in the unconfining domains found in today’s electronic - cyber-space world. 

The technological revolution 
is feeding this change. The need for physical interaction 
is rapidly being replaced with a wide range of communication tools that connect people “virtually”.

This book describes tools and provides resources 
to enhance any organization’s virtual office start-up or transition to a virtual office business model. It also help companies already existing in electronic - cyber-space.

The technological revolution cannot be denied. 
In fact, beneficial changes in the virtual world are occurring so fast! This book is necessary for CEOs, CFOs, and business – the next generation entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

The virtual office business model will raise awareness of marvelous, liberating changes taking place in today’s global economy...