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Make Money Online
Dec 29 2013 20:10

Make Money Online

Do you want more money, 
a better job, 
a job you love, 
a job you can tolerate better than the one you have now?
 The best job in the world is the one you create 
because your passion comes with it. 
The key to happiness is engineering your life so you wake up each day happy to work, 
happy where you are and just plain happy to be. Working online 
for a company or creating your own home-based business 
can erase debt, allow you to travel
 and in some cases make you very rich. This book will help you... Dream Big!

The book covers many new categories of online work 
that are growing, 
like teaching online classes, 
virtual assistance and the ever controversial,
 yet lucrative, operator/texting. 

There are also new companies that allow you to combine online and offline work to increase your income, 

Make Money Online Volume 2 shows you new ways to use your second language and typing skills. 
It also includes proven career paths and appropriate resources for writers- 

The good-money new list of cash paying micro-jobs is included. . .

The social media resource section at the end of the book is a collection of the very best work from home sites on the Internet! 

Know that you are not alone. Many people have full-time, part-time and micro-jobs online now and that number is going to grow - hopefully, because you’ll join in...