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How to Start Your Own ... Virtual Assistant Business
Dec 29 2013 19:54

How to Start ... Virtual Assistant Business

How to Start ... Virtual Assistant Business
A guide to starting your own virtual assistant business.

The Person ...
Can you see yourself in this role? 
Do you dream of being a (VA) virtual assistant  as a career?

The Business ...
What happens in a typical day? 
What are the benefits of being a virtual assistant? 
What are the challenges?

The Market and the Marketing
How much competition is there? 
How and where can you find clients?

The Skills ...
What special skills do you need to be a successful virtual assistant?
 Is there a specific type of personality that is best for this business?

The Money ...
What are the startup expenses? 
How do you set your prices?
Where is the profit in this business? 
And how long will it be before you actually see a profit? 
What is the potential income?

The Process ...
What are the ingredients, tools, and steps to start a successful virtual assistant business?

Thinking of "going it alone," this ebook will give you invaluable insight before investing time and money.

Starting Your Own
Virtual Assistant Business today.