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Seller Beware: Protect your PayPal Account
Aug 24 2007 03:06
A growing number of Internet marketers have had their PayPal accounts frozen for alleged breaches of PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy. Most Internet marketers don't really understand the true nature and extent of the risk they run, or why PayPal is
acting in this ruthless way.

It's been especially challenging for users of Jonathan Leger's  $7 Secrets Script. Many of them are new to online marketing, attracted by the low cost and simple solutions offered by the script, so there's now a lot of confusion (and fear) about what's acceptable to PayPal - and what's not.

The GOOD news is that practical help is now available in the form of a new, FREE ebook titled:

    How to avoid PayPal's lethal game of 'Pin The Tail
    On The Internet Marketing Donkey'.

In this 50-page Insight Report from The Profit Clinic, author John Counsel -- a recognised authority in the field of direct selling for more than 20 years -- explores the issues behind these latest developments and offers informed insights and practical ideas to help you protect yourself against having your PayPal account limited or closed.

It offers no "secret" loopholes and no "Black Hat" tactics or gimmicks for getting around PayPal's policies. Instead, it points out the realities involved, explores the reasons behind them, and looks at ways for complying with them and dealing
intelligently with PayPal.

It applies the old proverb:

  "An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure."

Best of all, it's FREE, with no hidden catches.

(Yes, you can give it away from your own web site, too. Download the Redistributor Pack for details.)

This is a must-have reference for every Internet marketer who uses PayPal as a payment processor or to pay affiliates. And if you use the $7 Secrets script, you're playing Russian Roulette with your own business and income without it.


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