The Ecologist Homeworker - Jul 27th 2021 07:34

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How can one be an both an ecologist and a homeworker?
Is there any way to save the planet and have a joyful work all in the same time?

Hmmm! Tough question!... I've asked myself this question and I think I found the answer! Basically is YES! One can do both things!

Ecology means harmony, independence and de-centralisation, meaning that working at home is much less stressful to the planet than the classical way to work.

 Both the mother earth and the human individual have much to gain from this brand new "open source" style to work - less transport converted in less pollution, and more free time for raising and educating kids, which means less inter-generation conflicts, and less divorces... And the list could continue.

The point is clear - we need to be free, we need to work at home! Thank God there is the Interned giving us so much opportunities!

 The problem is HOW to find them, and use them wisely?

And that's the real quest!

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