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May 22 2010 10:10

Free/Full Version Desktop Tools?

The Free Tools below are gifts to you for visiting my site. In the past, I used the free versions of these tools on a daily basis to help speed up the process of getting certain tasks completed as efficiently as possible. Now that I?m more established, I use the ?paid? versions of these tools.

As I find things of value that have helped me, you?ll find it here. Also, as many of you know, all my blog posts are 100% Free Social Media Video Tutorials which will keep you ?up to date? on many of the tools listed here?


Stay Organized and Time Efficient!

TreeDBNotes Ever get tired of going back over and over again into your computer to open up files? It?s very time consuming going to ?my computer?, then into multiple sub-directories etc. especially when these files are used multiple times daily. With TreeDBNotes, you can accomplish all this from your desktop which will really Save you time for other marketing efforts.

TreeDBNotes Features: Search, Replace, Case options, Insert file/ link/ image/ time/ date/ symbols/ table / html table. Import from txt, wri, rtf, Excell, Word, html and more. Export to txt, html, wri, doc and more. This program is ideal for storing notes, emails, images, URLs, document management, etc.

TreeDBNotes stores and represents your information in a comfortable and clear tree-structured form. Each node in each ?tree? represents an associated note, so you can store a lot of mostly independent notes in one notebook. With any note you can perform main Wordpad like text-formatting functions (font and paragraph styles).

Moving you Forward Always, :)

Dave D. Williamson (100% Free Social Media Video Tutorials.. Twitter, Facebook, Management Programs, How to: etc.)