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Free and Full Version Social Media Tools?
May 22 2010 09:46

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Tweetspinner Is a Web-based app that increases your Twitter productivity with sophisticated features, including:

  • Automatically clean spam from your DM inbox And use our scheduler to archive all of your Direct Messages to our system.
  • Schedule rotation of Twitter profiles & designs By alternating different images and bios, you more comprehensively convey yourself to followers.
  • Customer Relationship Management Highly configurable filters and analysis help you more meaningfully engage your friends and followers.
  • And much, much more?We pride ourselves on offering business-oriented, smart features to supplement Twitter.

Tweetspinner is an absolute must for complete A to Z automated management of my Twitter networks (over 100,000 high quality ?mimic? based followers).  I?d never be able to accomplish this ?time ?consuming task? in my busy daily schedule.

This is my number One Recommendation for complete management of your Twitter network or networks.

Again, Click on the any image above to watch a How to: video tutorial...

Moving you Forward Always, :)

Dave D. Williamson (100% Free Social Media Video Tutorials.. Twitter, Facebook, Management Programs, How to: etc.)