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May 22 2010 09:42

Social Media/Blog Tools: Click on any images below to watch a How to: video tutorial...

Blog Pinging/Tweeting, Twitter, Facebook etc. Management etc.

Hootsuite, I personally use Hootsuite to schedule ALL of my Blog, Inspirational and News tweets for weeks at a time. I spend about 15 minutes, once per week scheduling my tweets and poof, finished!  Note: There?s also a little ?hootlet? tool you can simply drag up to your browser?s toolbar that enables you to tweet from any web location your at, I use hootlet every day? Really cool! 

Save your time and save your sanity. Manage multiple social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. through one client:

HootSuite! Impress your friends, your boss or just yourself with our improved visualizations link statistics. Graphs show not only a summary but also individual message statistics!

Never miss an update with HootSuites multiple columns feature. Organize your social networks into friends, news, search terms, keyword tracking? whatever you like!

Watch the brief screen shot video tutorial by clicking on any hootsuite image at the top of this page...

Moving you Forward Always, :)

Dave D. Williamson (100% Free Social Media Video Tutorials.. Twitter, Facebook, Management Programs, How to: etc.)