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May 22 2010 09:37


Web Hosting is Housing, Serving and Maintaining Files for Web Sites on a server with direct access to the Internet.

Why is it vitally important to have your own hosting account?

  • You own the rights to all of your information. Without hosting, you can lose all of your work if you decide to place your content on someone else?s site.
  • Your files are hosted and maintained on your own server, allowing you easy access to make changes to your personal sites, capture pages and more.
  • You have complete freedom with all of your information on line.
  • Only $4.95 per month ?Hatchling Plan?, includes one domain.
  • (Recommended) Only $7.95 per month ?Baby? Plan with Unlimited domains. is the Industry Standard Host for Internet Marketers. Host gator is incredibly reliable with 99.9% up-time and with super-fast load times ? great for PPC campaigns. All of the video tutorials viewed on my site, along with most Internet marketing training sites will be discussed using Host Gator. Video Tutorial coming soon? :)

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