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The Core Value Enrichment Coaching Guide
Jan 2 2012 12:24

Inner Self-Worth Development

“Out of the Box Thinking Required”

This 31 page workbook is not for everyone. 

The Core Value Enrichment Coaching Guide will help any Christian who is struggling with depression, low self-esteem, and inadequacy. 

It is a cross between non-directive life coaching and a neuro-linguistic technique called reframing.  By no means is this a fancy read or anything of that nature. 

In its simplicity, it is designed to be used as a guided Christian self-coaching tool.  This manual is a tool of righteousness. 

It allows those of us who wholeheartedly partake of it discover significant truths about ourselves and where we measure up to the Christian declarations that we tend to so quickly declare.   


"In order to reach your place of destiny, you must realize your true value" 

 Dr. Joseph V. Swann

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