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With the continuously increasing population and ever depleting natural resources it has become utmost important to think and find ways to go green, as a lot of pressure is mounting on our existing natural resources. To achieve favourable results in the years to come we have to take action today itself. Let's make this planet a place to live and not just a place to exist by using our creative minds to go green and what better it could be if we save and make money doing so!

 Do You Smoke?
 Why Not Do It The Better Way!
Many things that we do in our normal routine can make a huge difference if we do the same differently. It is a known fact that traditional cigarettes are not environment friendly so laws have come up which ban smoking in public places like restaurants, bars, and casinos...and there are predictions we won't even be able to smoke in our own homes or cars in the future! For those who enjoy smoking there had never been an option. But now there is a fantastic option wherein you can enjoy smoking along with taking care of your health and environment simultaneously. Just switch over to e-cigarettes and go green. Save money, take care of your health and environment...Click HERE for more info!
 Recycle Your Trash...
 Make Money Doing So!
Another way to save our environment is by generating less waste. Recently Apple introduced their much awaited iphone 4 and millions of these have been sold all over the world. Just imagine how many of such old used iphones would have been trashed and which might have found their way to the landfills. Iphones are made of a plastic material which does not easily degrade and this has become a major environmental hazard. The solution - trade off your old iphone for some hard cash. Some companies purchase these used iphones and sell them in back in the market at lower rates after refurbishing them. A win win situation for the user as he makes money from his junk and also does his own bit for the environment. More info HERE

 Save Energy...Go Solar!
 Generate Energy & Make Money
Another great way to go green is by saving energy by going off grid. How much was your last energy bill? Did you know that the energy you are using for your home lighting and running all those electronic gadgets can be availed free? In fact you may even get paid by your electric company for producing surplus energy and supplying the same back to them. A small initial investment can save you a lots of dollars over a period of  time. Check it out HERE

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