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Just Like Clockwork, The Doors Are Closing...
Jan 28 2009 05:58
The doors to Peter Drew's Brute Force SEO are swinging shut again, and you are just hours or
even Minutes away from blowing the Gold for another Month...

It may already be too late to secure your full Seven (7) Day trial for the brain-dead cheap
sum of just One (1) Dollar, but it's worth a shot- get over there Right Now:

Like I've been telling you- the proof is at the Fight Club, but you've gotta be a member to
take part. And since we've given you the incredible opportunity to do that for a measly
buck, I can't possibly figure out what the hold-up is.

Do you WANT to succeed? Or is this just a "hobby" for you?

If it is, well then you are probably better off staying out of it. You aren't ready for the
incredible benefits of Brute Force and SEO Fight Club.

Pete and his crew didn't just totally rewrite Brute Force for Vista 64 as a fluke, you
know...they've had enough practice ;-) They did it because they expect to be around a LONG

And so do the users like me who flat out KNOW the insane value of this mind-blowing software
and community.

See, we are SERIOUS business people. Movers. Shakers.

Money Makers.

Want Some? Then you gotta show it or blow it.

Let's see what you got ;-)

PS - One Last Time: I'm not even going to get INTO the insane bonuses and freebies Pete
gives with this membership- this dude should be known as the KING of Over-Delivery. You
gotta see what I'm talking about.