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Nov 10 2014 04:07

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FeederMatrix is the “cash leveraging” program with a forced matrix structure.

The FeederMatrix uses a 4 by 4 force matrix system. That means is that your downline can contain at most of 4 levels with the “width” of each level consisting of 4 persons. Any additional referrals from you will spillover/spillunder to others in your downline (or upline). The payment plan for FeederMatrix is split into 2 stages. The payment amounts that you can send or receive depends both the stage and the level. Each and every member joins the program at level 1 and pays directly to their inviter.

Levels & Admin Costs :

There are 8 levels ranging from $1.75 to $320.

Feedermatrix provides a low cost and simple opportunity for those new to internet marketing to join a program with no risk. Even though you don’t need to recruit to make money, you will obviously make more money by adding your own efforts to those of your upline. The ridiculous payment of $1.75 makes recruitment rather easy. This is a simple and realistic plan how to turn your $1.75 into $100000 with just 340 downline members for everyone.

Payment structure

All members pay directly to the upline`s Paypal, Payza or Solidtrustpay accounts. The system accurately shows the receiver`s ewallet ID and the amount of payment a member has to pay. “A Payee” must “CONFIRM” each payment in their back office. This is a simple “1 click” operation.

Feedermatrix has 8 levels that you may participate in. You start from level 1 by paying $1.75 to your direct upline. Once your payment is confirmed you are ready to receive your money! But you can promote your referral link and receive spillover and spillunder from your upline and downline members beign a free ( with level 0) member.

Here is our payplan:

Stage 1.

  • our 1st tier referrals pay you $1.75 each (totaling $7)
  • Your 2nd tier referrals pay you $5 each (totaling $80)
  • Your 3rd tier referrals pay you $10 each (totaling $640)
  • Your 4th tier referrals pay you $20 each (totaling $5120)

Stage 2.

  • Your 1st tier referrals pay you $40 each (totaling $160)
  • Your 2nd tier referrals pay you $80 each (totaling $1280)
  • Your 3rd tier referrals pay you $160 each (totaling $10240)
  • Your 4th tier referrals pay you $320 each (totaling $81920)Total Earnings Paid: $99447

Every member will start at level 0 and pays ONLY $1.75 directly to their upline for “Membership level 1?. There is no time limit when you decide to buy the next level. But the system itself will send you a message when your downline members are willing to pay you for a higher level.

It’s a perfect win-win scenario and it is a true 1OO% net member-to-member payout.

We give a great product, system and all commissions to the members.

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