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Oct 29 2010 10:02
How can you make money with SWOM?There are so many ways to make money with Swom. But there?s one bonus pool that attracts most of my attention, the Community Participation Bonus. I never find this kind of bonus in any other similar paid social networking sites.The Community Participation Bonus will allow gold members to make money by participating and interacting(socializing) with other members. It is a way of earning an income even without referring anyone. So communicating with fellow members is never a waste of time!In this bonus, the more you talk, the more you share, the MORE you make money.Aside from the Community Participation Bonus, there?s another bonus that is truly fantastic, the Gold Evangelist Bonus. A whooping 20% of company-wide Gold membership commissions are paid into this bonus!Actually, Swom has two types of memberships. The free members, also called the blue members and the paid members, also called the Gold members.As a gold member you can get a share from the Gold Evangelist Bonus, if you connect with blue members(regardless of whoever are their sponsors) and convince them to become gold. Once the blue member upgrades to gold, even at a later time, you still get a share.With these two bonuses, you can make money while having fun. You don?t need to recruit anyone to qualify for this bonus.These are some of the reasons why there are lots of Swom addicts arising and that doesn?t exclude me.I believe that these are also the reasons why there are so many nice and hospitable people in Swom community.Another way to make money is by inviting free or paid members to Swom. If you are a gold member and you invited another gold member, you will earn $15 first month and $5 monthly residual income starting on the 2nd month.

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