Health and Wealth in a cup
Mar 29 2011 00:19
Who do you know drinks tea or coffee at least occasionally?How do you drink your tea or coffee?What brand to you drink?When was the last time that brand paid you for drinking their coffee?I want to introduce you to the coffee that pays!This coffee is not just good for your health, its also good for your wealth.We found a way to make coffee, Healthy!Yes, you heard me correctly. Healthy Coffee is no longer an oxymoron, its a reality!We took a Chinese herb that has over 4,000 yrs of history and infused it into the coffee - The coffee is no longer acidic its now alkaline and the caffeine level has dropped from 135mg to under 9mg. But you still get the energy boost without the crash. Isn't that amazing! That herb is called - Ganoderma Lucidum, Reishi or Ling Zhi. Known as the King of Herbs or Miracle Herb because of what it does to the body. This herb is closest thing in nature to a nutritional perfection. Its like a buffet placed before your body. Your body get to chose whatever it wants to make it healthier and stronger.

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