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About our Business

Grey Storm Media, founded in 2001 by David P. Smith, is a web services company located in Moorefield, West Virginia.

While Grey Storm Media provides website design services, graphic design services and Internet marketing services, my main focus is on promotional graphics for online small businesses.  I specialize in digital product representation (eCovers) and banner advertisements.  That said, most of my graphics customers have been other Internet marketers.

When Internet Marketers Need Graphics,
They Hire Grey Storm Media!

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Search optimization and online marketing services promptly and inventively. have experience in small businesses and internet marketers and the major handheld and online marketing platforms. By the experimenter of David Smith.
 - avishekmondal March 26th, 2015

Good idea to show your logo here so people can get a real sense of your talents. If I needed a professionally done logo it would influence me for sure.
 - oldbuddy February 23rd, 2013

Great, I am glad to connect with you. I am still new in this, maybe you can send me some advece. Have a great weekend, take care and God Bless.
 - skabbara November 10th, 2012

David Smith depend on professional .he is anyone request in services her products
 - wolvol October 8th, 2012

David Smith is the professional you can depend on. He is dependable and thorough with his graphic assignments. Anyone requesting his services will NOT be disappointed.
 - staciewalker May 22nd, 2012