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Ozone Water Generator - Cleans tap water WITHOUT the cost of expensive filters.
Sep 9 2010 21:15
  • Uses hydroelectric power.
  • No wire, no plug, no batteries, no electricity required
  • Fits all types of household faucets
  • Converts normal water into Ozone rich water. Ozone rich water helps remove pesticides, fertilizers, germs, bad smell and prolong the freshness and storage period if used to wash fruits, vegetables and meat.
  • Ozone rich water when used to wash meat will help keep it free from bad smell and keep it fresh and tasting good for longer period.
  • Ozone rich water when used in skin such as hands will remove foul odor such as cigarette smoke and bacteria even without soap and will soften skin when used for the face.
  • Ozone rich water when used to rinse mouth will eliminate bacteria and prevent sores.
  • For portable water the Ozone Water Generator can help reduce chlorine, bacteria, and other microbes from the water.


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