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Intelli Controller - Most Effective Power Saver Device
Sep 9 2010 21:04
  • It is a cost-effective energy saving device that is connected to a panel board to cover all equipment attached to it.
  • Saves up to 20% on your monthly bill or 40% or more when used on specific highly inductive loads.
  • Lasts up to 20% with 95% survival.
  • Optimizes power factor, reduces EMI and RFI, regulates voltage.
  • Uses self-healing low loss metalized capacitors.
  • Surge suppression of up to 2000 joules
  • Can be use for residential, commercial and industrial establishment.
  • 5 Years Full Replacement Warranty. We will replace the whole unit with a new one if it become defective during normal use.
  • 5 Years Liability Insurance. Your electrical system is insured up to 1 Million if something happens when using our device.
  • We offer 90 days Money Back Guarantee. If there is no changes or you are not satisfied with the result after 90 days, you can request for full refund.
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