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Our company offers uncomplicated devices to help our clients achieve the maximum savings they can get. We are exclusive to the products that we distribute. Because our strength lies in the meticulous marketing of such, we have the privilege to offer only the best, from the best manufacturers in the world. From small to big, motor-specific to panel-connected energy savers, we have them. From capacitors to sensors, we offer them. If you want to save only on lights, aircon, fridge, or specific motor energy consumption, we can do that. If you want to save on the whole house, commercial establishment or industrial energy consumption, we can also do that. If you want to use the technology of sensors to save on energy, we have it. If you want to use self-healing low-loss metalized capacitors, we also have it. Our latest product, Intelli Controller, which is widely distributed in USA, Canada, and Europe, simplifies the process of saving energy. It is a durable device with 20-year design life span. It has 3 main features: Power Factor Optimizer, Voltage Regulator and Noise Reducer. It also regulates EMI and RFI (electro Magnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference). Thus, it can save you an average of up to 20% of your monthly electrical consumption. The Intelli Controller has different types that can be installed indoor or outdoor. We are confident on our products and we guarantee its results. That?s why we can offer the following assurance and insurance. A 90-days Money Back Guarantee is given to all of our clients. If there are no changes in your monthly bill within three months, the clients can request for full refund of their payment because 100% satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. It is also covered with a 5-year Full Replacement Warranty. If there is a malfunction of the unit, we will not repair it. Besides, we will replace the whole unit with a brand new. It also has a 5-year Product Liability Insurance. If our client's electrical system breakdown due to the use of the Intelli Controller, their electrical system is insured up to 1 Million.

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