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My name is Mike Dutton, and I feel your pain! I too come from a background of challenges and feeling like I was never going to measure up to what was expected of me. But, I went on to experience many successes as a successful business person a career in Sales for over 25 years. I will be happy to share my story in one of our meetings. During that time I came into contact with companies like Amway, Omegatrend and a VoIP company, just to mention a few, which gave me the understanding of network marketing. This intrigued me as although I could see where it could take you potentially, I saw that most people weren't even making enough to cover their monthly purchases. It was in 1983 that the basic idea of my current company was formed in my head, but it was 1998 before the technology came which enabled me to begin to bring my dream into reality.

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Hello, I would like to invite you to the new affiliate program I've developed. It's about promoting MP3 music, where the comission of each sale is 40%! Feel free to join: www.store.syntheticsubstance.com/affiliates
 - venuemedia October 13th, 2010

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I was almost 40 years of age when I retired from the workforce and began to work on my dream. That passion has now caused me to work harder than I've ever worked before link below http://www.join4adollar.com/?ref=cxander08