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The Visionary Marketing Co-op 

Collectively Building Individual Brands

Benefits of membership:

1. The most important reason to join the Co-op is the instant support system of an open-source community comprised of people with the same goals and drive as you.

2. You will also get access to ways to make money immediately by promoting our products/services or driving traffic to our links.

3. We have invested $1,000’s on the top applications available. Now, you can use them for your projects! There is only a tiny learning curve because we provide ‘over the shoulder’ guidance on how to use all of apps we have in our arsenal.


5. You are not just learning how to use systems to create lifelong, sustainable income, you are creating your own system for prosperity by scaling your efforts.

6. Last and definitely not least, You get access to All of my published content. I’m not going to post much of my next level material on publicly accessible websites and social media. These exclusive white papers, reports, and videos, will be displayed in this one, semi-secure environment.


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Every now and again I ask myself "What the heck am I doing at apsense?" and then I bump into one of those rare individuals that not just add color to my day, but expands my mind, affect the way I think and yes, the world looks better. Such a moment happened a few days ago, when what was a chance encounter of investigating a (spammy, but left unreported) reference to a secret project, brought me kinda face to face with this man, CW Johnson. Watch him, I think he's onto something...
 - plonkie July 22nd, 2015

CW is highly recommended by me for his great experience and expertise in his fields.
 - aliciah July 15th, 2015

CW Johnson is a very active internet marketer and social media expert!
 - mareer March 30th, 2015

CW is really smart and a great person to connect with. Check out his profile to get some really useful resources.
 - debradiamond November 30th, 2014