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About our Business

Rebtex and Natural Floors NW Ltd are involved in the in the natural flooring business we supply plant based carpeting and flooring in the Uk .

Rebtex is a South African company with worldwide links and as with its parent company, which produces buffing products from sisal, it is a producer of eco friendly products. The flooring products from Rebtex are becoming more popular and are available globally. Natural home floors supply the base of operation in the UK from their Heaton Chapel store and offices.

Natural  Floors is a family owned company which has for nearly 30 years specialised in the supply and installation of natural fibre based flooring.  These products have proved themselves to be resiliant and comfortable, easily maintained and look good under stressed conditions. We now also have increased our portfolio of eco friendly products.

We also supply other smooth natural products such as cork, linoleum and bamboo all products which come from sustainable resources. If you visit our website by clicking on our name or here 


Rebtex Sisal Flooring is a bit special in that it is made to be stain resistant They have developed their own process so that each fibre is individually made resistant and not just surface coated like all their competitors. ou can see more information at their website here.

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