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Welcome to my Apsense page.

 I am so excited you are here! This is a very unique business building community that welcomes everyone regardless of your skill level!

My belief is that you can't truly help someone else until most of your needs are met.

I hate to see people struggle, I like to help them help themselves, I believe in giving a helping hand, not a hand out, I also believe the universe is a place of abundance and we are all deserving of it, provided we do the work necessary to obtain it.

Sometimes, people get comfortable under-performing and never reset their own expectations.

As their mentor, it is my job to push them to achieve more.
Assign them stretch projects that strengthen their skills and help them address areas of weakness.

Live on Purpose and Inspire Yourself. Contact me to learn more!
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The SmartPhone App and Mobile Website is Becoming the New Frontier of Marketing.

Some of the world's biggest companies make good use of affiliate marketing programs, but the obstacles affiliates face are mounting up. First Google signaled concerns about "thin" affiliate sites, then new state tax laws spurred Amazon to drop affiliates in several states and now e-mail marketer MailChimp has banned affiliates. This is just the beginning folks.


Mobilize. Optimize. Profit!

Optimize Your Local Search Rankings!

When your customers search for businesses like yours, do they find you... or your competitors? Get your company listed on the first page of GoogleŽ! Local search results guaranteed!

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GoMobile With Your Website!

Can your customers read your site when they visit from a smartphone or tablet? Make sure you aren't driving customers away with a hard-to-read website... Get "Mobile Friendly" Now!

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Mobilize. Optimize. Profit! Help Wanted...
William Clinkscales
In Partners with the iCANetwork
Supervising Independent Representative/Founder

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