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PeopleString is A Social Network Like Facebook and More

Please read on to find out why you should join PeopleString.

If you're a frequent user of Facebook or any other social sites, you should know that advertisers pay these social sties by exposing their ads to users like you? The question is have you ever been paid even a single dollar? The answer is a BIG NO.

What if you can find a program where you get paid for doing things you're already doing online just like in Facebook?

Interested? Why not when it's 100% Free to Join?

PeopleString is also a Social Network just like Facebook but there is more. It pays its members by sharing 70% of its advertising revenue. YES! By joining PeopleString as a Free user, you get to do what you have been doing online like connecting with friends, checking your email, playing games, surfing the net and get paid doing it. Really easy.

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