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online psychological counseling in India - Nov 28th 2020 06:14

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We are a group of people who want to fill in the gap between someone in distress and a motivator by providing a common platform in the form of this website. This website has been made to cheer up people and provide emotional counseling.

Everyone needs someone to talk to, share their thoughts, seek advice and feel relieved. In todays fast-paced world, people dont have time for each other. We find ourselves sulking all the time, as we dont get a vent out. There can be a number of reasons for a person to feel low. Sometimes we just need a friend to confide in, or someone who can listen to us. With, we are doing just that!!

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Online Psychological Counseling India
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Additional Info.

Our on-panel expert counselors and doctors will try to reply to your queries at the earliest possible. The response(s) and follow-up sessions will depend upon the gravity of the problem. A counselor will be assigned to every client, according to the nature of his/her problem(s). The counselor can even be made available for telephonic conversion, if need arises.