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            Travel and Enjoy Life I am looking for those who have an entrepreneurial heart and mind.  Success oriented, self motivated, positive thinking individuals who truly have the desire to create an awesome life for themselves are the type of individuals I enjoy working with. If that is you, we need to talk. They are those who reach their financial dreams. Theyre the people who take charge, see their potential and never take their eyes off of it. TVIs pay plan gives you that kind of control. You determine the lifestyle you want and then you create it.

Imagine what this will mean for you. Taking your kids to school, being there when they get home, tucking them into bed at night, watching little-league games, paying off your credit card, Then your car, Then your house. Life is good! Travel and Enjoy life having a retirement plan that you know will be there when you are. With TVI Express, you have a life-changing opportunity to build a hassle-free, legitimate business all across the globe. We will provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in your business from the initial steps till you achieve your financial goals. 
Your future is in your hands.  We help show you the way. The single most important thing you have to do if you are serious about becoming a successful business owner is to stop procrastinating and act right now! Make the decision NOW to change your life forever and never look back. 

We offer a wide range of products and services to match almost every lifestyle, from free holidays to discounted travel deals in every corner of the globe. Involving strategic alliances with some of the biggest names in the Travel world, we have pioneered our way to be the Industry leader in this $ 8 Trillion a year industry. We conduct regular training around the world with experts on hand to answer all of your questions and to make sure you fully understand all of the products you are promoting. And most importantly, you dont need to be a salesperson to promote our products. Our Channel partners speak for themselves and create an everlasting effect over your proposed audience.

At TVI Express, we provide exciting holiday packages, vacation club memberships, and fun-filled adventures to customers just like you. Through our exclusive club, we strive to give our members a world of choices through an attention to detail and impeccable customer service. Our ultimate objective is to provide you and your family with magical vacations and treasured memories, all at an affordable price. Expand your horizons and let TVI Express lead you to an exciting new world of travel !  

We will give you the key to your own personalised website plus a wide variety of Highly professional and quality Business tools which will promote your Business to the worldwide marketplace effectively and successfully. What's more, you will also gain access to your own Virtual Office which keeps track of your purchases, commission earnings, product status and offers you full online customer support.

Once you have enrolled and registered as an Independent Representative, these services are completely free of charge. But that's not all. You will also receive regular product bulletins, special promotional offers and marketing collaterals that will help you to boost your business and income.                                                      
We have begun as a Category Creator with a spectacular ground floor opportunity  and, every month, more and more discerning Distributors have found the opportunity as compelling as anything available. Today, we are at a stage where nothing can recede us from becoming a Billion Dollar brand with timely product introductions that each represent their own ground floor. TVI consistently refreshes the market and ensures that the TVI Express opportunity  like the travel industry we are into is always fresh and booming. 

The stand-alone Opportunity that TVI puts up to take every day comes from an infrastructure designed to build continuous income. This is made possible through a great product line, an honorable business name and practices that serve both buyer and seller, distributor and consumer. This is a company with serious staying power and big plans for the future. Your future. In real estate, they say location is everything. In business, success usually has a great deal to do with timing. In travel, there couldnt be a better moment than right now. We are currently experiencing the intersection of two very big trends that TVI Express is perfectly poised to take advantage of.

TREND #1:                             
Simply put, Travel is the worlds largest industry. At over $8 Trillion spent annually worldwide, and a growth rate that puts it on pace to double in the next 4-6 years, its a vast market. Baby Boomers are retiring at the rate of 1 every 8 seconds and they will continue to drive the growth for the next 10-20 years. With an industry this big, a Company able to capture even a small piece of that pie could be wildly successful and profitable.

With the dawn of the Internet age, more and more consumers are booking their travel online. In 2006, Forrester Research reported that 73% of US Households are online and 82% of Travel Bookings are done online. In fact, according to CNN Money, Travel is the single largest category or e-commerce, accounting for about 43% of all online spending. This means that the industry is no longer controlled by store-front agencies. The mom and pop travel agencies who used to be the fixture of every strip center and shopping mall are rapidly disappearing.

The result of all this is that while more money is being spent on travel and more of it is being spent online, consumers are experiencing a lack of human interaction. TVI Express offers the solution: a calendar filled with dozens of pre-planned vacation packages at wholesale prices so you dont have to deal with the hassle of planning your next trip, or high price of paying retail. We combine that with a proprietary search technology that merges high-tech and high-touch for the next evolution in
 travel. Its a complete solution for all your leisure travel needs.

There are too many lifestyles out there that just dont do justice to the term. Either its all style with no real life, or signs of life with no sense of style. The first lesson that TVI Express teaches is that life and style are not mutually exclusive.
Life is not meant to be a checklist of things we dont want to do. And style is not just a superfluous fancy for those who can afford it. Life is a time to learn, to know and to love. Style is a signature, an ingredient in enjoyment and something that brings personal satisfaction. TVI Express offers a proprietary blend of the two.

We think you should live for Monday as well as Friday. Now, TVI distributors are the hardest working Entrepreneurs youll meet but for some reason, monday mornings justify as much celebration as Fridays nights. It might be that they love what they do. It might be that TVI products and services put a bounce in their step. Or it might have something to to do with 
At TVI Express, we advocate and promote an entrepreneurial spirit. Our greatest desire is to help people achieve their dreams, while sharing the potential for personal development with the world. We offer equal opportunity to all our distributors through fair commissions, rewards and attractive incentives, such as overseas travel, dream house, luxury cars. We have Global business expanding opportunities TVI Express is committed to making a difference by sharing its benefits with the world. We offer you a business without bounds, in a global market to conduct the business. As of 2011, TVI Express has spread beyond UK, with an International presence in 170 countries strong & growing. And with the expansion of TVI into other countries currently underway, the world is waiting to join in. As a registered TVI distributor, your business opportunities are endless. You can sponsor friends and relatives in any country as your down-lines, and in this way, continue to expand your business across the globe.

TVI provides a solid platform for self-growth, individually and collectively. At TVI, we believe in knowledge empowerment. In the mature market that TVI is operating in, more than 2,000 skill enhancement training programs are conducted annually to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit & full potential of our distributors coming from diverse strata of society. We believe in Total Training  in self confidence, leadership, knowledge, presentation skills, system education and marketing skills. Every distributor enjoys unlimited access to our trainings and events. Besides economic independence, the TVI experience has granted people a sense of self - actualisation.   
Great Financial Rewards
TVI Express allows you to take charge of your financial destiny. You will enjoy a healthy bank account that's growing daily through the well - designed and high paying Compensation Plan.
TVI's Marketing Plan integrates the two most widely used Leadership Bonus systems in the industry, i.e., the Revolving Matrix System and the Infinite level paying Matrix System, to provide distributors with 5 lucrative incentives.                                 
 * Revolving Matrix  * Residual Income * Power Pool
 * Incentives  * Recognition 
We pay tribute to excellence. We reward our distributors at each milestone on their journey to the top with various motivating awards and incentive systems. TVI salutes our distributors  achievements, both big or small, through recognition events, some of them attracting thousands of people. Your achievements prove that you CAN DO IT whatever others may say. You are a WINNER!

Total Customer Satisfaction
We care for and respect our distributors, as they are TVIs first line of customers. We provide you with facilities, knowledge and practical training to develop your full potential. As a part of Total Customer Satisfaction program and to help you succeed, TVI offers speedy and friendly staff to assist you in various ways. TVIs impeccable customer support facilities are at service of our distributors round the clock. With such level of commitment, we can build, maintain and sustain a World Class Service fit for a World Class TVI.
At TVI, you are recognised as an important member of the big, happy TVI Family that boasts thousands of Distributors in 50 countries. TVI offers many activities that are specially designed to promote togetherness and mutual support including more than 2,000 training sessions each year, glamorous recognition events, festive Open House and fun carnivals. Some of our highly acclaimed leadership and self-development training sessions focus on team activities, games and the power of togetherness that will help you to self-actualize your dreams. TVI is more than just a business opportunity. Through the spirit of togetherness and team unity, our TVI distributors also get to enjoy a social life and learn self-development.                           
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Travel is the worlds largest industry. At over $8 Trillion spent annually worldwide
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