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Congratulations on one of the best decisions you?ve ever made! You?ve chosen one of the fastest growing business opportunities in the world today, ideal to help you develop a significant supplemental income, or even complete financial freedom. Either way, you have shown yourself to be a leader. Someone who isn?t happy with mediocrity and the herd mentality, someone who knows there is a better way to live. You?ve just discovered it. Agel is a new breed of Network Marketing company, and we?re already re-writing history in the profession. Agel has proven that a fresh product idea, an innovative approach to compensation, and a strong support structure offer you the chance to accomplish great things. The Network Marketing/Direct Selling profession has grown dramatically in the fifty-plus years of its existence. Today the business is conducted in more than 100 countries around the world, with more than 56 million people participating in it. Sales have now exceeded $110 billion annually. (Source: Direct Selling Association.) Along the way Network Marketing has attracted the attention and praise of the business community and financial press, truly emerging as the last bastion left in the free enterprise system where someone can build real financial freedom without a large investment. And Agel has emerged as one of the leading edge companies, helping to create this reality for those who dream of a better life. This Business Plan will help you launch your business in a quick, focused, and profitable manner, utilizing the same methods that our top earners have tested and proven. You?ll avoid some of the common mistakes many new people make, and will learn how to accelerate your journey to success in your Agel business. During your initial phase it is critical that you take action as outlined in this guide. Success always comes to those who are coachable and willing to act on what they have learned.

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I know Charles to be a wonderful person who I can bounce ideas off.
 - cherryflag February 17th, 2011


Charles Obagho
warri, Nigeria
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Your sponsorship line has already ?hacked through the jungle? and created a path for you to follow. They have learned the best practices for business building, and discovered the mistakes to avoid. By using the experience of those who come before you, you are able to reach success much faster. We have put a step-by-step system in place, developed the infrastructure to support the system, and created a training program on how to get the best results from both of these. We already have people who have reached the prestigious ranks of Diamond Director, even though they came into Agel with no experience. If you are teachable, not afraid of work, and willing to follow the system, you too can reach success with Agel. The same is true about higher education. Thousands of people have been successful in Agel without the benefit of college degrees. Some of our top leaders didn?t even finish high school. Since Network Marketing is so unlike other businesses, the rules are different here. It?s quite possible, actually quite common, to build a large successful organization without having any credentials or degrees. If you have a degree, or even a few, great! Just know that this is not a requirement for success with Agel. For more Infor..please check the link.. and get the chance to meet with my partners worldwide....