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Do you burn candles or know someone who does?
Before you laugh at the thought that anyone can money with candles,
here's my short story.....
In 2004, I read a small ad about a new clean burning candle.  I was NOT
looking for a business at the time, as I had had enough of crazy online
My only thought was to place an order to try one of these candles for
my home.  This small ad boasted of having a Clean burning candle with
long lasting scents.  Yes, I was curious. Past experience with candles
were not pleasant!  Black soot, smokey wicks, disappearing scents and
tunnelling of wax.
My first order arrived at my workplace.  I couldn't wait to put this new
candle to the test to see if it really did have a long lasting scent and
NO black soot.  I didn't bring my new candles home because my co-worker
INSISTED on buying them.  :-)
For the next 4 months when my orders arrived.....again, my co-workers
wanted to buy my candles again.  Hmmmm, I thought there must be
something to this candle business.   This was too easy.
I decided to place a small order for a few jar candles and votives to display
on the counter at my workplace.  Customers were always drifting down the
counter to smell the candles and ask questions.  Once they found a scent
they loved, it was another retail sale.  
It didn't take long to learn candles are a very popular product whether as
a gift or for personal use.  The candle market is HUGE! I love the instant
financial reward from retail sales, not to mention the monthly commissions
by sponsoring others who are looking for a simple, yet very profitable
business from home.
Although I wasn't looking for a business, it found me!  If you or someone
you know are still looking for a fun business you can do part time or
full time, please visit my webpage -
to find out more about our company, the products and what we do.
All questions are welcome! 
Nancy Ball
P.S.  For a Scent Sample/Info Packet, please contact me.

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