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Multi-Pure is a solid, trusted 40 year old company. Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems was founded in December, 1970, to become the premier manufacturer of high quality drinking water treatment devices that reduce a wide range of contaminants of health concern and provide the peoples of the world with the best quality drinking water available at an affordable price. Today Multi-Pure is an industry leader and the world's largest manufacturer of compressed solid carbon block filters.

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Carole is one of the most "Determined" people I have ever met. She started with Multi-Pure less than 6 months ago and has already reached the Master Builder level of success in the company. Carole is a "take the bull by the horns and run" person and doesnt give up till she gets it right. Congratulations on your success. I know you will be an awesome trainer and mentor to your network as well. Keep up the good work! I am honored to have you as a friend and associate Carole. See you in Vegas! ;)
 - thewaterfilterlady November 19th, 2010