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The Bull Investment Firm was formed in 2000 as a Seychelles IBC. Originally founded as a company focused solely on capital growth. Through the years we have grown into one of the largest offshore asset management firms in the world with over 500 Million dollars in assets and over 1000 clients in 22 countries. Diversification is our main focus with all funds being divided into low, medium and high risk categories. We divide all funds among Gold, Stocks and The Forex or Foreign Exchange market to ensure the utmost safety and profitability. We understand that the key to our success is to nurture and grow relationships to ensure that all clients large and small are treated with the respect and the personalized attention that their portfolio requires. We welcome all clients whether from individuals, corporations or other brokerage firms With over a decade of experience in the asset management field we are confident in our ability to obtain above average returns with little to no risk to our clients. Our business model has proven itself through the toughest of economic times and has always emerged profitable.

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