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Sep 10 2011 07:04

Talk Fusion provides you with eight cutting edge video communication products for business or fun at a price you will find hard to believe.

On top of that there is an amazing opportunity to not only use the products but make money when sharing them with other people.


Talk Fusion Offers 8 Cutting Edge Products:

Video Email

Video Conferencing

Live Broadcasting

Fusion Wall

Video Share

Video Blog

E-Subscription Form

Video Auto Responders


Talk Fusion simply provides video services that everyone needs and most can afford.

Talk Fusion is a network marketing company that is pioneering the use of video communication through email and conferencing facilities. It is a product that will benefit many people, but it has particular relevance to businesses and business people.

Because it is a network marketing company, the products are only available to purchase from independent distributors. You can't buy them in the shops or from a dedicated website, only from the Distributors. This means that as well as being a retail opportunity, customers have the chance to build their own business selling the Talk Fusion products.

Talk Fusion will give you a proven method for success. All the factors that you need in order to succeed are in place. Talk Fusion has an incredible product as well as a tremendous compensation plan. You will also be able to use two free revolutionary marketing systems.


Talk Fusion's plan of direct telling is a much better way to make money. The answers as well as the solutions have turned the method of Direct Selling into that of Direct Telling.


Compensation Plan


No matter if you are simply looking to supplement your current income or even replace the income you are currently making, Talk Fusion will be able to help you get there. The compensation plan that this company has to offer as well as the potential for fantastic residual income and even lifestyle rewards are great if you keep your eyes focused on the prize. You can earn such things as car bonuses, luxury vacations, and even unmatched cash performance bonuses in the amounts of $50,000, $100,00, $250,000, and all the way up to $1,000,000.


Here at Talk Fusion the Independent Associates are the most important assets the company has so they are rewarded with a compensation plan that is very generous. Daily Pay is offered by Talk Fusion as well as other amenities such as their Mercedes program. Talk Fusion's key to success is simple. Become Bronze, and then become a Bronze Maker, and then it is your job to help others duplicate what you did and become Bronze Makers in your organization at Talk Fusion.


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