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My wife and I run a bookkeeping business in Kent UK. The business started in 1981 while Ron was writing for a jazz magazine in addition to his banking job. We are not qualified so cannot do final accounts for limited companies but we can do bookkeeping for them. Ron has AIB Banking Diploma. We do bookkeeping, VAT Returns, End of Year Accounts and Tax Returns for small businesses. Currently, we have over 20 clients including an hotel, where Ron works two afternoons per week. We are now launching an exciting and revolutionary accounting system in the UK . We are hoping to introduce an American version when we have done a bit (or lot) more study. Our system requires no books, no expensive software and no accountant. We set up the system online for you - you have a choice of set up - which costs £15 paid up-front.It is set up so that you can make your entries and we can check what you are doing, but is secure from others.We provide figures for your VAT Returns if applicable. At the end of the year  (yours or 5 April) you pay £35  we finish off your bookkeeping , produce your Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet and provide figures for your tax return, set out as on the form which you can just copy.We also provide a list of free stuff which will help with your business and your relaxation. Visit our website at www.ronandhazelbookkeeping.co.uk (if only for a chuckle:-)

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Ronald Bartlett
Dymchurch, Kent, United Kingdom
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Email address: ronandhazel@ronandhazelbookkeeping.co.uk