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IMG is an online marketing education program that also happens to include a great affiliate plan. The co-founders, Chris and Peter Plourde, made sure to focus the training on the brand new person, as well as the more experienced marketer. They have created a system that is super simple for anyone to follow. It is full of tons of archived video trainings on every aspect of internet marketing. If you have something you want to learn, they have a step-by-step streaming video to teach you. They also created an affiliate plan that enables even the newest person to earn while they learn. It is a breath for fresh air, for sure.

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Master Social & Affiliate Networking
Oct 11 2010 09:42

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Well, my other friends did not leave words for me to describe Alisa but still I want to say, "She is My Ideal and Inspiration" who have big influence in my online working life.
 - isloooboy January 4th, 2012

Alisa is the one who can really lead the way when it comes to internet marketing. She has ways with words, and very straight forward. She is always ready to lend a helping hand for new marketers like me. She a great person. Has a good heart and I admire her greatly.
 - slider44 September 28th, 2011

Alisa is one of the sweetest people I've never met in person. She is tireless in devotion to her biz partners, and a tech wizard of significant note. It's been a little over a year since we met through Insomnia Marketing Group, and I credit her with most of my success online. OH--and you GOTTA try her salsa,lol :)
 - ready2win June 5th, 2011

she is a nice human being, she like to help other
 - pankajmadhok May 19th, 2011

Alisa, I have always told you in private just how much I appreciate you, but I just wanted to take the time out and let everyone know how patient you are especially with newbies on the internet. No matter how many times, I have sent you emails and I do send a lot you take the time out and respond rapidly; I really appreciate your sense of humility. I know you will succeed in whatever you put your hands to do because you are determined to help as many people as you can. With that type of attitude, you have to succeed. Im still crawling, but I am growing. Thank you for introducing me to apsense!
 - csmthomas May 3rd, 2011

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Alisa Borek
Granbury, United States
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Step-by-Step Video Trainings include: Social Media Marketing including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace Free Lead Generation Training Word Press Blogging including FREE unlimited web hosting of your blog Video Marketing and You Tube Google - all the in's and outs Squidoo Training Free Traffic Generation Strategies Article Marketing Social Bookmarking SEO, Keyword Research and more