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About our Business

Wolvesfleet Technology Co., Limited is a direct Bomb jammers /IED jammers developer, manufacturer and exporter for 8 years. Our mission is: We Save lives and Prevent Leakage of Confidence.
Now Wolvesfleet has been the foremost innovator in the field of RF Jammers, offering a comprehensive range of jamming systems which have a proven record of reliability and performance in all types of applications and environmental conditions. In countering the ever growing threat of remotely controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs).
We has invested heavily in the development of a range of State-of-the-art Vehicle Jamming System, Portable/Tactical Jammers, Stationary Jammers, Bomb Jammers, RF Jammers, Cellular phone Jammers, Custom/Embassy Jamming Solutions, Portable Jamming system, Prison Jamming System, Handheld Jammers Solutions and so on, for the protection of troop transportation, Military and Police checkpoints, large Governmental establishments, Bomb Disposal Squads and VIP convoy.
Our R & D team with a strong technical background combination of Russia engineers and China local engineers, who ever worked in the leading telecommunication companies, like Huawei and ZTE.
Our Goal is to provide the most professional Jamming Solutions that We Save lives and Prevent Leakage of Confidence. Wolvesfleet is committed to design the higher level Jamming systems as customers required, and continue to be contributed to the global RF Signal Jamming Solutions.
If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us at any time.

Contact Person : Johnson Sun(GM)
Skype Contact: wolves-fleet
E-mail: johnson@wolvesfleet.com

Mobile :86-18689703366

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