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My dream of working online started when I moved to Panama City Beach in January 2009. With a home here and one in California, I realized at that time that I wanted the freedom to work anywhere and to earn enough to go between the two homes as often as I liked.

Recently, due to the gulf oil spill, my urgency to earn money without having to depend upon the local economy became even greater. I looked to the internet for an opportunity and found exactly what I have been looking for and more!

I provide you with several varying options at different price points. You can join one, two or as many as you would like. Coming from a financial services background I compare this to dollar cost averaging or even better, not putting all of your eggs in one basket.

In addition to these business opportunities, I will help you with promoting these businesses (or others) online with the various social websites, forums, etc. that I utilize and have proven to be successful for me.

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Globe Travel Network
Aug 25 2010 14:40

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I can see by poking around that you have spent some time online. Hope we can help each other.
 - oldbuddy October 21st, 2010

Hey! great stuff, I like your business center. Chat soon
 - dreamtrips September 1st, 2010