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A long time ago, in 1880 as a matter of fact, a little girl was born in Hope, Arkansas. She grew up to create the tastiest brownie recipe and she passed it along to her children. One of those children was my grandmother who passed the recipe to my mother, who passed it down to me.

Now, over 100 years after Bertha Mae was born, we have decided to share this recipe with the world and Bertha Mae's Brownie Co. has been born. While we have added yummy treats to the foundation of the recipe, the basics have not changed and Bertha Mae's original recipe can be tasted in the Original brownies.

We can promise you; these are some of the best brownies you will ever try. Enjoy!

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Bertha Mae's Brownie provides very good quality of Brownies and Cookies. Highly Recommended... :)
 - premiumkitchens April 30th, 2018

Bertha Maes Brownie Co. has mastered the art of maintaining an affordable product while producing an outstanding, delicious good made from high-quality ingredients. They use a Southern California vendor for their chocolates and take pride in supporting local small businesses. After all, A better brownie just makes good sense! Take a look at it. You will never regret it. Google berthamaesbrownies when it is still time!
 - namadobi March 15th, 2018

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Bertha Maes Brownie is a leading chocolate brownie company in Los Angeles, offering delicious cookies, cakes and treats for any occasion.