Chiangmai , one of the best travelling places on Earth

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Chiangmai , one of top ten's best place to visit on Earth
Mar 29 2012 02:09
Tourism is on of the main income of Thailand , with humble attitude of people , foreigners love coming back to this country. Is rated one of the best popular tourist attraction place in Asia

Chiang Mai is the second-largest city in Thailand is nestled amidst beautiful mountain ranges, and has sprawling greenery in its forests and pristine waters in its rivers. The city is the ideal retreat for visitors for a charming holiday.

With the development of infrastructure and the opening of new resorts, shopping malls, entertainment centers, tourism in Chiang Mai has witnessed a huge rise. Most of the tourists plan simple weekend getaways, but end up staying here for longer periods of time.

The scenic beauty of the city is simply charming. The weather is also enjoyable all through the year. In spite of the urban nature, the city has retained its old-world charm and glory.

With over 300 temples in the city of Chiangmai itself they offer an insight into the evolution of religion and culture.

The hotels in the city offer world-class accommodation, recreation and dining facilities, making them apt for both business and leisure travelers.

Chiang Mai is rated as a topnotch destination for the foreign tourists.  

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