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Semi-automatic Screw Oil Press
Aug 7 2013 03:27
Semi-automatic Screw Oil Press Introduction
Azeus Screw Oil Press is made of superior alloy steel. Pressing chamber contains rows and press screw. Characterized by the high oil output, simple design and continuous operation, screw oil press enjoys large popularity. Azeus Screw Oil Press is an advanced machine in the oil processing machine.

Semi-automatic  Screw Oil Press Advantages
1. Suitable for extracting oil from different oil-materials, such as peanuts, rapeseeds, sesame seeds, soybean, cottonseeds, tea seed, tung tree seeds, sunflower seeds, palm seeds, olive, coconut meat, corn pummels etc.
2. High oil output with good quality, low residual. Crude oil color is light.
3. Simple design, easy to operate and continuous operation
4. The superior quality machine material, long life service.
5. Little noise, low power consumption, beautiful structure and shape.