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Automatic Donut Machine
Jul 25 2013 22:23
Automatic Donut Machine Introduction
The automatic donut machine is the most popular equipment applied to produce tasty doughnuts with different size and nice appearance. Using screw-type height adjustment device and automatic temperature control system makes the whole processing more convenient and much easier. It is the best choice for catering industries to produce snack food.

* Applied micro computer temperature control system to guarantee precise operation.
* The automatic donuts making machine can adjust the donuts thickness by regulating the amount of the materials.
* The outlet height can be adjusted according to the oil level due to special screw-type height adjustment design. 
* There are two switches on the dashboard, making two options of the discharged donuts number, one or two at one time. 
* Stainless steel material ensures durable and longer service life.
* Practical, safe and easy operation with high output.