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Automatic Dumpling Machine
Jul 18 2013 03:28
Automatic Dumpling Making Machine Introduction
The Automatic Dumpling Machine is really multifunctional, making samosa, spring roll etc, just by changing the molds. The capacity of the machine is quite high, which can make dumplings 4800 /hr, spring roll 3500/h, fried dumpling 4800/hr, wonton 4000/hr, and samosa 4500/hr. The dumpling machine is automatic, you just need to put the kneaded and the stuff into the machine, and then it can make the food.Samosa machine is made from stainless material, and the structure design is beautiful, simple to operate and clean.

1. Automatic Dumpling making Machine is made of superior quality stainless steel, the design of structure is quite nice, easy to operate and clean. 
2. The machine can produce the dumpling, wonton, samosa, spring roll, fried dumplings automatically, just by changing the mold;
3. The dough thickness and the filling volume can be adjusted;
4. Conveying the dough face and molded parts with Teflon anti-bonding technology;
5. Small resistance, forming nice, easy to clean, beautiful dumpling shape.
6. Samosa machine can be customized according to users’ requirements.