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Hot Dog Machine
Jul 12 2013 05:26
Hot Dog Machine Introduction
The hot dog machine is popular investment in many countries. This hot dog roller can roast sausage, meatball, etc. At present this hot dog vending machine is mainly divided into 5 rollers, 7 rollers, 9 rollers, 11 rollers. The kind of 7 rollers is the most commonly used among them.

Why choose our Hot Dog Machine
1. The integrated design of glass cover and heat insulation display.
2. Our hot dog machine rollers’ direction can be adjusted automatically, both forward and backward is OK.
3. You can set and adjust temperature through switching the button.
4. All stainless steel screen panel, bright and clean.
How to Use Hot Dog Machine? 
1. Put the hot dog machine on the surface which is completely flat and hard (such as counter); 
2. After making sure connecting the power supply, then put the turn-on button.
3. When the sausage surface becomes glossy and shiny, you can turn off the roasting button and add some seasonings. 
4. Puring cold water on the machine is prohibited.
5. Do not put roasted sausage into the chassis, or sausages will become hard and dry.
6. If the hot dog machine keeps consistent working, it should be cleaned every 4-5 hours