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Fried Ice Machine
Jul 12 2013 05:24
Fried Ice Machine Introduction
Fried ice machine is used for making fried ice, fried ice fruit, fried ice cream, fried ice porridge, etc. The operation of this machine is easy. In hot summer, fried ice not only satisfies your stomach, but also clearing summer-heat. So the market demand is large, the investment is low, the profits is high. We have two types of fried ice machine, single pan fried ice machine and double pans fried ice machine.

1. Fried Ice Machine is the best equipment of modern novel cold drinks.
2. Equipped with high power compressors to ensure fast cooling and consistent performance.
3. The fried ice machine can make all kinds of sugar liquid into fried ice of snow mud shape in a short moment. The ice degree can be controlled according to your requirement.4. Streamlined construction design.
5. Applicable to a wide range of materials like sugary liquid.
6. You can choose starting business at many places such as shopping malls, schools, cold drink shop, etc. 
7. Suitable for four seasons: sugar alcohol Fried ice, in cold winter, can remove cold produce worm.
8. Convenient to operate, easy to clean.