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Hi My name is Arne Olesen I am a proud KB Gold Partner. I have a Team wiht partners all over the world. Why am I in KB Gold I think the article you can read here is a good exsample why! Go to my homepage http://helpforyou.goldfromkb.com Gold hit a record high of $1,388 earlier this month before slipping back to current levels around $1,340. Star CNBC commentator Jim Cramer says another leg of the rally is coming. There is no bubble in gold, he said on his show Mad Money. It is a genuine multiyear rally, a super cycle. I think the move here is just beginning. In todays turbulent times, the clich cash is king has been rendered irrelevant. Gold has dethroned U.S. paper money as the reigning royalty of investing. Gold is at all-time highs. If you arent in this trend right now, you are missing what very well may end up becoming a modern-day gold rush. There has never been a better time to be in the business of gold. Indeed, gold isnt merely a commodity, Cramer says.I call it a currency. It works everywhere a universal currency that were running out of. I would do anything I can to get you to build a big gold position in your portfolio up to 20 percent. And how should investors get into gold? Cramer recommends the shares of Agnico-Eagle Mines.It just reported a beautiful quarter? of earnings, he says. The company has outperformed the SPDR Gold Shares exchange-traded fund (Ticker: GLD), soaring 28 percent since Cramer turned bullish Feb. 24, compared to a 21 percent increase for the ETF. Its a growth gold stock, Cramer says. The company expects production to rise from 1 million ounces this year to 1.4 million ounces in 2014. And management seeks a dividend increase. Not everyone is bullish on gold. The expectation of a gradual introduction of quantitative easing is leading to selling in the gold market on the belief that gold had become overbought, Mark OByrne, executive director of GoldCore brokerage in Dublin.

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Thanks Arne Arne is a serious Business partner! And He has bin around before even Network Marketing went online!!! If you need to ask someone about a bonusplan ore what ever Call Arne!!! I have great Business relationship wiht Arne since 2004! And we are having small meetings where wee look at the future. Team work is our main goal and we give each other feedback all the time. And we are sure that wiht KB Gold we have a GOLDEN opportunity. Ole Team One
 - oleteddy November 1st, 2010